To Kenya and back with Look What We found

LWWFKenya 2

We are a group of five friends of a certain age (late forties) who had previously ridden trail bikes in UK, Europe and Africa. We try and gather once or twice a year for a bit of an adventure on motorbikes and this one took us to Kenya where we joined with a Dutch friend who farms there.

The plan was to ride a large loop over Kenya in a week. We started in Nanyuki ( a small town on the northern slopes of Mt Kenya ) taking in the Maasai Mara, Rift Valley and foothills of Mt Kenya. An exciting element was to be the descent of the Rift Valley wall on a faint and little used track from the cedar strewn Loita Hills to the baking heat of the Magadi Pan thousands of feet below.

LWWFKenya2 2

We were to be self contained, carrying spares, medical kit, clothing, water and some food supplies on the bikes with the plan to stay in what accommodation we could find along the way. Like most plans in Africa, it became our first victim and we had to improvise and adapt along the way.

We each covered some 1200km of track, road and path through desert, lava field, meadow, forest, tea plantation and subsistence farms. We rode in altitudes ranging from 1800-8500′ and temperatures from 10-45 deg centigrade.

We rode through the lands of the Kikuyu, Maasai and Pokot. We had to evacuate one rider with a fracture with his bike disassembled in an estate car, suffered only 3 punctures and ate a Look What We Found meal for each lunch.

The meals were lightweight, nutritious, varied and provided the ideal travel food in areas where access to local supplies can be limited or hazardous.

Surplus supplies were shared with local people that we met along the way and a Kenya-based primatologist who will use them as she visits remote areas of Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan researching and documenting species distribution and variation.

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