Summer Camping Tips that won’t burn a hole in your tent!

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Stay-cations are becoming even more popular and are all about saving money. Research by Travel Supermarket reports that a whopping 28% of us take our holidays during July and August, with 42% of all holiday makers stating the cost of their holiday as the most important factor. So here are our best tips for camping on a budget this Summer!

1) Travel in a small car – the smaller the car, the less luggage you take = improved fuel economy

2) Do your research and compare site fees before you travel – because camping is becoming ever more popular, the option to pitch up in a friendly farmer’s field is not there any more, everybody want to cash in on your holiday. If you can get as many extras as possible in your pitch fee such as showers (with hot water) – you’re onto a winner!

3) Travelling with children? – don’t blow all your budget on expensive gear for the kids, they’re likely to grow out of it by next year anyway!

4) When splashing out on buying a tent, canopies, stoves – think quality! These should be able to last you a lifetime! You don’t want to be buying equipment year on year.

5) Hot water bottles are the most efficient way of keeping warm when camping!

7) Don’t eat out – This is where the spending starts to build up. With our 15% off at £40 with free delivery within the UK, here at Look What We Found are helping out too! Our Great British classics as well as mild and spicy curry dishes and chillies will keep you and your family well fed, warm and satisfied throughout your camping trip.

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