Quashing Ready Meal Myths


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There is a lot of negative stigma surrounding ready-made, instant meals. However, with the majority of our meals being gluten free, low in calorie and single serving – we simply do not agree.

After our newsletter post on the benefits of slow cooking – we thought we’d quash some more myths about ready meals. Some believe that these products are unhealthy, full of sugar and unsafe to eat. All our meals are less than 400kcal and are made from 100% natural ingredients from specially selected suppliers. Furthermore, as we’ve done the cooking for you – your cooking time in the microwave or in the pan is so much shorter. This means, the goodness and nutrients that were preserved through our slow-cooking process still won’t be lost.

Gluten Free: The majority of LWWF meals are gluten free because we don’t like to add any necessary additives or allergens to your food! When shopping online or in store, check the back of pack for the gluten free sign. Even if you aren’t gluten intolerant – if you stop eating wheat, you’re able to de-junk your diet and fill up on healthier and lower-calorie alternatives such as fruit, veg, lean meat, fish and low-fat dairy products.

Low in Calories: Some of our customers have told us they’ve lost weight when eating LWWF meals on their diet plan. We try to stay away from rapid release carbohydrates which are quickly broken down into sugars. These carbs increase the risk of you putting on weight which is why we’re not putting them in our meals. We also like to include non-starchy vegetables which are a slow but steady supply of energy for hours following your meal. Low calorie doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on taste.

Portion Controlled: We keep our pouches single serving for a couple or reasons. i) They’re just enough for one, whether you’re living alone, an office worker needing a tasty lunch or a lone wanderer hiking in the mountains; ii) They’re lightweight – you’re able to carry them home from the shops, pack them in your backpack when walking and they can be sent to you hassle free over the post; iii) The right amount of food can help you control your body weight. Instead of ‘binge-eating’ and quickly increasing glucose and insulin levels after eating a big meal – eating smaller amounts, more frequently has been proven to aid weight-loss, general health and can keep your glucose and insulin levels at a stable level.

We have to acknowledge that yes, there are some meals out there that are packed full of sugar and shouldn’t be consumed as part of a balanced diet. However, we’ve just proven that ours are not. We hope you continue to enjoy knowing you’re making a healthy choice too!

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