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LWWFSocial 2

We recently held a social media competition on our Facebook and twitter pages to allow one of our loyal customers to win a goody bag. We wanted to know your favourite LWWF meal and why. The responses were great – and we were really interested to see what you eat your meals with. The winner was Louise Rayner on Facebook – upon contacting Louise we found out she was due a wrist operation and was hoping to win our goody bag as she knew she’d be able to make these meals one handed, fast and they’d get her on the speedy road to recovery. Please see our winning entry below:

‘I absolutely love the Chilli con Carne as it’s a meal I really love, nobody else likes it in my family, so it’s not something I’ve ever cooked just for myself. I’m so glad I came across your products in store as they’re fantastic, they taste great, don’t cost the earth and are made using British meats which is an important factor too. The Chilli con Carne is perfect for me as it’s got such a great taste, probably better than I could make myself and it’s just the right size for a meal for one and after a long day at work, it’s super quick and easy to prepare. What’s not to love?’

Other great entries showed us our meals go superbly well with home made cauliflower rice, customers love to add salsa, guacamole and sour cream to our Mexican dishes and enjoy tasty naan breads with our curries. Thank you to everybody who entered – we’ll hold another one soon!

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