A canopy under the stars…

LWWFGlamping 2

To celebrate the end of Summer, why not try a spot of glamping to cheer the kids up (and you) before school begins!

‘Glamorous camping’ also known as ‘Glamping’ has become more and more popular as we choose to holiday at home. Imagine you’re holidaying on a remote, tropical island or in a beautiful rainforest.

Glamping accommodations vary but, the most common types of glamping includes, air-streams, trailers, barns, farmhouses, cabins, pods, domes, cubes, eco lodges, huts, yurts, tents, tipis, villas and tree houses. All of these offer you a modern twist as you enjoy the wonderful British countryside in total luxury. You have your own washing facilities, canopy under the stars and some come with your own fire pit.

Many sites offer ‘late-deals’ so get searching now for a bargain & don’t forget to take our meals with you – then you’ll really be living in luxury!

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