Look What We Found on Dartmoor!

LWWFDartmoor 2

Our friends, Two Blondes Walking take our meals to their beloved Dartmoor. They have recently written a blog about our meals…which they described as a complete success.

“I don’t know if you have seen ‘Look What We Found’ meals at your local supermarket. They are really yummy, use carefully sourced ingredients and are designed to be cooked in a microwave or scooped into a pan, but can also be boiled in their bag. I have tried a fair selection and never been disappointed, so they are definitely a camp-cooking success”.

The Two Blondes will be happy to hear we’re looking at introducing additional products to our range which will avoid any more expedition cooking failures. Watch this space! Meanwhile…our Beef in Ale and Lamb Hotpot meals will keep you fuelled up with a yummy combination of meat and potato!

You can find their blog here, follow them on twitter tweet tweet and LIKE their Facebook to follow their Dartmoor adventures!

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