Backing British!

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We proudly source British meat from British farmers! With the recent dairy farming crisis – we thought we’d write a short blog on how to support our British farmers in all aspects of your weekly shop!

Firstly – if you can’t find your favourite British products on the shelves in your local supermarket – ask why they aren’t proudly displaying British quality foods!

Secondly – Look out for logos that indicated quality standards, origin of ingredients and where/how the product is made! Our LWWF meals proudly wear The Union flag which guarantees the food has been produced in the UK and that the Ingredients are sourced in the UK! Keep a look out for these flags in store!

Thirdly – If you want to back British farming, take a close look at packaging. Reading the fine print can tell you whether all or some of the ingredients are sourced and packaged in the UK. Even if there’s a Union flag – not all ingredients could be sourced in the UK. Our labels state our yummy meals are ‘lovingly made in County Durham’ – we’re very proud of that!

Fourthly – Bunting is a very British, very attractive way of decorating shelving displays. However, these displays can sometimes be misleading. In some cases, a shop may put Union flags or British imagery as trimming on or above shelves even when the products may not be sourced or even packaged in Britain.

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