Look what we found in Sweden!

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Our latest blog post comes courtesy of two of our customers – Hayley and Marcus.

“We’ve just returned from our extraordinary Swedish Arctic adventure near Jukkasjärvi having had a fantastic experience and, fortunately, returning with all of our limbs intact too! Blessed with eight nights of clear skies we managed to experience the spectacular Northern Lights on more than one occasion.

We found the remoteness of our adventure thrilling, having never previously experienced true silence like it, no air traffic or even birdsong! The huge dark skies were also something to behold, especially at -27°C!

We were really delighted with our provisions, so convenient, healthy and tasty too. Our favourite was the Wild Venison Stew with both Curries (Chicken Balti & Tikka) close runners-up and we’ll definitely be buying again!”

Food Traceability: The Beauty of Small Farmers


With the so called “horsegate” scandal still hitting the headlines we thought we’d take the opportunity to detail more about our own food supply chain. As we have mentioned in previous newsletters we welcome the investigation laid down by the Food Standards Agency to challenge the traceability and cross contamination systems of the manufacturers involved and will probably result in a UK wide study of food authenticity (quote from FSA). We have worked hard for many years to forge close, personal relationships with all of our farmers involved in the Look What We Found! brand to ensure that we can guarantee the provenance, animal welfare standards and quality of the ingredients that we source from them. For example, we source all of our beef directly from our farmer Robin Hirst and it follows the below farm to fork route, which takes place within a few miles of the factory:


This full supply chain traceability is applicable to all of our farmers and products, including Alec Mercer, Anna Longthorp, Roger Mason and Mark and Sue Wills. As well as ensuring traceability from all of our suppliers we implement strong factory controls and subject ourselves to extensive internal audit challenges. In addition to this we also comply with British Industry Food Safety standards for which we are also regularly audited against. We hope that you continue to enjoy our delicious meals knowing that we are using the best produce from our known and trusted small Regional British farmers. If you have any more questions surrounding this issue please contact us.